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Josh Duvall Sr.

President and Founder

Josh Duvall Sr., our esteemed President and Founder, has devoted his adult life to the asphalt industry and the establishment of a business rooted in unwavering customer-driven success. With a remarkable track record of over 35 years in the field, he leads our company with a clear vision and invaluable guidance. Josh's leadership and unwavering commitment to strong business values shape every facet of our operations. Notably, he ensures our business continues to thrive and places the community at the forefront by actively participating in multiple charitable organizations, a testament to his profound support for our community.

A man sitting at his desk with a computer.

James Langley 

Executive Vice President

Jim, with over 35 years of paving experience, brings invaluable leadership and vision to our team. His market insights drive our competitive advantage, and he plays a pivotal role in formulating and executing our long-term strategies. Beyond his professional role, Jim’s active involvement on multiple local boards of directors and in various civic organizations showcases his strong commitment to our community. He personifies our company’s dedication to excellence in both business and community engagement.

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Josh Duvall, II

Associate Vice President of Operations

Josh brings a decade of supervisory experience in the public and private sectors and is pursuing a Juris Doctorate. This unique combination of leadership and legal expertise empowers the team to enhance operational excellence and strategic decision-making within our organization. Additionally, his aptitude for organizing and utilizing technological advancements elevates our business’s efficiency and innovation.

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Jenn Muller 

Office Manager

Jenn Muller, a vital addition to the CPE team since 2012, boasts 15 years of comprehensive office management expertise. Her responsibilities encompass the seamless operation of our office, including management of accounts payable, human resources, and payroll. Jenn’s remarkable leadership and organizational abilities play a pivotal role in optimizing our staff and processes, ensuring the company’s operational excellence.

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Dean Drewyer

Director of Business Development

Dean Drewyer, a driving force behind our construction business, boasts an impressive 37 years of customer-centric experience. In his role, he spearheads our marketing, outreach, and strategic initiatives, all guided by a uniquely creative and personalized approach. Dean's expertise lies not only in understanding client needs but in finding innovative solutions to their challenges, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

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Greg Mathis

Superintendent of Special Projects

Greg Mathis, our Superintendent of Special Projects, brings over 35 years of expertise in overseeing specialized assignments within the asphalt industry. With a knack for precision and innovation, Greg excels in managing complex projects and ensuring top-notch quality. His commitment to excellence drives our team to deliver exceptional results.

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Dale Seroki

Operations Manager

With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, Dale Seroki drives our asphalt operations with a relentless focus on efficiency and excellence. His mastery in logistics, resource allocation, and process enhancement has been instrumental in optimizing our operations. Dale's strategic vision and hands-on leadership foster a collaborative environment, ensuring top-tier service for our customers.