Asphalt Paving

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for Premium Asphalt Paving

CPE, Inc.’s asphalt paving services include but are not limited to the following:

Overlays / Resurfacing

Depending on the individual project requirements, we can apply an asphalt overlay to the existing pavement to help extend its life, give it a new appearance, or for any other reason. This is one of the most common methods for churches, commercial lots, shopping centers, and even public roadways.

New Construction

We build new parking lots and roadways of any size from the ground up per the owner’s plans and specifications.

Full Depth Reconstruction and Asphalt Patching

We can remove your broken and deteriorated parking lot, stabilize your sub-base, replace your stone sub-base as required and furnish and install certified hot mix asphalt and re-stripe your lot.

A large truck is parked on the side of a road.
A construction site with workers and equipment on the ground.

Asphalt Milling/Scarifying

Asphalt milling/scarifying is the method of removing the old asphalt prior to installing the new asphalt. We have state-of-the-art milling equipment made specifically for this type of work and can perform this.

Paving Fabric

Non-woven textile fabric is installed on your old pavement prior to overlaying our old parking lot. It is not ideal for every job, but in the right situations can save you thousands by eliminating expensive patching and helping reduce reflective cracking in the new overlay.


Typically, after patching or as a maintenance item. Owners of shopping centers, business complexes, churches, etc., like to seal-coat their lots to give a clean and neat appearance without the expense of a new overlay.

Line Striping and Pavement Marking

Nothing can ruin a great paving project like a bad line striping job. This is why we take pride in guaranteeing total satisfaction with every facet of your asphalt paving project by handling line striping and pavement markings too.